Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Arrived in Sagres

Hey there,

yesterday we finally arrived in Sagres. It was fairly bit of a mission to get here as the roads got quite steep and cycling the entire way didn't really make it a lot easier for us. Well, you always have in mind that when cycling uphill there must be a part of downhill...
Sagres is the place where you can find the most south western point of the European main land. A place that offers an incredible scenery of the coast line including huge cliffs and a rough ocean. A beautiful spot to watch the sunset and to reflect on the happenings the past days.

I already managed it to get all the way south and to explore a bit of the Algarve. From now on I will go east until I reach Faro. I've plenty of time left, so I guess it will be easy going. I might leave my travel mates Pedro and Eduardo today, because their main goal was to reach Sagres. Traveling together made things a lot easier especially for me. I'm excited about the things ahead and will leave you guys with some impressions of the journey.

Stay awesome!
Dom 😊 ✌

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